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Website Design – DIY or Hire a Pro?

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Today, many companies are considering redesigning their websites to attract more customers who are comfortable accessing information online. Businesses are deciding whether to use readily available website Design tools to develop their sites independently or enlist the support of a professional company like Kustura Technologies to work with them to brand their companies online.

When businesses decide what their online image will be, they can either design their own websites or hire a professional website design company to provide online support. Let’s take a deeper dive into the pros and cons of today’s options.

Options for Website Design

Various website builders provide affordable, user-friendly features that help companies build professional looking websites on their own, such as Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. Website builders generally have graphic page editors enabling users to design and revise portions of the website. 

However, they offer fewer capabilities and limited web design functions. Website builders usually provide domain name registration and other basic services. The general cost for these website builders is nominal. Still, they do not offer ongoing support such as hosting and SEO, so they are best reserved for personal websites or small single-owner companies.

Another option for somewhat more tech-savvy companies is using a more robust content management system such as WordPress. While simple website building systems allow you to cut and paste, WordPress users can select a background structure, then use a specific setting to revise and update content.

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Individuals using WordPress need to have a basic knowledge of coding to edit a plugin or theme in WordPress. That makes it a better fit for businesses familiar with HTML, PHP, and/or CSS. Although WordPress is free, it often requires the owner to pay for additional, more expensive plug-ins to create a professional-looking website. 

Finally, you might decide that the easiest option is to hire a professional company like Kustura Technologies to design and host your website and oversee your company’s SEO. Although this seems more costly upfront,  that cost includes individualized customization options, which provides users with the peace of mind of knowing that their websites are fully supported and that SEO is enabled. This leads to better results, such as a higher Google ranking.

Choosing the Best Way to Create Your Website

To determine whether to create your website on your own or hire a pro will depend on your budget and what type of website and online support your company needs.

The simplest option is a pamphlet-style web builder program that allows you to describe your business in a simple linear format. This option gives the company visibility online, providing descriptive information through text, graphics, and optional video. It’s an excellent way to communicate your vision, cost of services, examples of your products and services, and your contact data to your prospective clientele.

If businesses have more tech-savvy IT staff, they may opt for the more robust WordPress program if they simply want to redesign their website and are not ready to consider the other related web hosting or SEO components.

Each business owner must decide what type of web representation best fits their company image. If your company chooses to use a professional website designer like Kustura Technologies, your products and services will be showcased online with offerings, including web hosting and custom SEO optimization. For more information about Kustura’s custom web design features, click here.


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