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Why Is My Computer Running So Slow? 3 Solutions to Fix It

Now that we are well into the year 2020, everyone is over the New Year slump and back to their regular work routines. Perhaps you’re noticing that your computer isn’t performing at the fast pace you expect, but don’t give up. 

Slow-moving computers and snail-paced laptops are more common than you think. Unless you started working on a new computer recently, chances are you’re probably experiencing that slowness right now. But that sluggishness may be due to your day-to-day activity such as running programs, downloading info from the Internet, and storing excessive material on your hard drive.

Below are three of the most common reasons that might cause your computer to run slow, followed by three ways you can remedy the issue.

Why is my computer running slow?

1. Too many browser tabs, files, or programs are open.

In our modern digital world, multitasking on a computer is commonplace. After a while, though, your computer’s processing speed and memory will not allow for instant switching from one open program to another. Keeping multiple tabs open in your browser can cause issues as well — if any of them auto-refresh (news feeds, and live streaming) or sites that update and have rotating ads, you will notice a significant change. In addition, popular Internet-linked music apps like Pandora and Spotify can store a large amount of data that might also slow you down.

How to make it right: 

Close any programs that aren’t currently in use, and if possible, use only one browser window. Want to save URLs for later? Try the handy Bookmark feature in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

2. Your memory or hard drive could be at capacity.

Believe it or not, your performance will begin to deteriorate before it reaches full capacity. IT experts indicate that even at 85% capacity, your computer’s productivity and effectiveness can be severely reduced. Programs, Internet downloads, temp files, and application updates are the main sources taking up hard drive and memory space. In short, you can’t run the latest version of big applications on an old computer or one without enough memory.

How to make it right:

Begin by simply emptying your computer’s trash bin. Then consider moving those larger culprit files to the cloud or deleting any unused files. The support of a reliable IT provider can help you implement these changes safely and securely. If a hard drive or RAM upgrade is required, the assistance of a technology expert is crucial for success.

3. Your computer might be corrupted by a virus or malware (or ineffective anti-virus software is being used).

Most often, the presence of a computer virus can be detected almost immediately through the encryption of files, a ransom demand, or the sudden appearance of suspicious pop-ups. But some viruses are programmed to run in the background, and insidiously collect vital data such as usernames, passwords, or specific fiscal information. Most consumer-grade anti-virus software are not capable of detecting such unauthorized operations, which makes increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity a must for any company in today’s competitive business environment.

How to make it right: 

Never install your organization’s critical data and computers to free anti-spam or anti-virus software — and don’t expect just one level of cybersecurity to protect your company and staff from malware, phishing scams, data breaches, ransomware, and other forms of digital criminal activity. Computer security is multi-faceted, and cyber threats are constantly evolving. A solution that worked previously may not work now, and hackers work endlessly to stay one step ahead of corporate security defenses.

That’s why you need a reliable IT partner to cover your Computer Network Support. Is your computer running slow? Are you still running Windows 7 which is no longer being supported after January 31? Are certain programs compromising your company’s effectiveness and performance? Would you like to learn more about increasing cybersecurity while affordably fostering your company’s productivity? Visit our website and let Kustura Technologies manage your company’s IT to help you achieve business success.


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