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Why You Should Outsource Your IT to a Managed Service Provider

Having an expert on hand can make any issue easier to handle. Businesses bring on a CPA to balance the books and attorneys to take care of legal issues. Working with a managed service provider (MSP) would take the stress of managing IT issues off your shoulders.

Businesses rely on technology now more than ever. There isn’t a business office without computers or laptops in any industry. Many businesses, however, cannot allocate the resources to hiring a full time IT employee. Without reliable IT support to lean on, you’re left scrambling when an IT issue does occur. Technology is constantly changing and evolving. What may have solved an IT problem before, may no longer work. You’ve probably found yourself going down one of these roads: 

1. Spending hours Googling to find the solution to your problem or sitting on hold with customer support to get the help you desperately need

2. Paying out of pocket for an external IT team to come in and resolve your IT issues

Without dependable support, you lose precious time better spent on pressing business concerns or rack up extra expenses paying an IT company expensive hourly rates. It’s a lose/lose situation either road you take. Your business takes a hit one way or the other. Instead of wasting time and resources when an IT disaster happens, reach out to your local MSP in Jacksonville, FL. 

Here are some of the common issues an MSP can address:

  • Network implementation and maintenance
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Security
  • Software support
  • Cloud migration and backups
  • E-mail hosting and support

Benefits of Outsourcing IT

Extremely Cost-Effective

As previously mentioned, reaching out to an IT company when disaster happens means paying exorbitant hourly costs. Using this reactive approach to IT problems every time they happen will eat away at any capital you’ve set aside. However, with an MSP you generally work on a subscription (monthly or annually) based model. At Kustura Technologies, we work with our client’s budget to ensure they’re getting the IT support they need without going over their budget.


Businesses often need to scale resources up or down on demand. As your business changes, so do your IT needs. This could mean needing new computers and workstations or scaling down your cloud services like storage and networking. MSPs can quickly deploy new solutions and hardware without delay. Scalable solutions reduce downtime and operating costs.

Hands-on Support

An MSP can give your business the specialized attention and attention to detail it needs. Their team of IT professionals can take the time needed to resolve issues and ensure quality service, unlike big service vendors and globalized IT companies which are generally busy around the clock and aren’t able to do so. An MSP company should always be accessible to their clients. At Kustura Technologies, we offer 24/7 around the clock support without delay. We can help resolve your IT issues remotely wherever you are, or come to your business in person to take care of things.

What You Should Do Next

Decide whether or not your business would benefit from outsourcing its IT needs to an MSP. Ask your employees if they’re feeling any pain points when it comes to having their tech problems resolved, such as not having it fixed fast enough, or running into the same problem repeatedly. Consider your business’s future: are you expecting to open a new branch, move to a new location, or hire additional staff? These are all perfect opportunities to plan and reach out to a local MSP for assistance. If you’re not sure what services your business may need, contact Kustura Technologies. We offer a comprehensive analysis and consultation about your businesses IT needs at no cost to any business looking to improve their IT.



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